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Hi All,


We create quotes with Caspio. Each quote has a varying number of records with information such as selected services, quantities , notes etc etc.  (One table)

We often have a number of revisions where we add/change/delete quote records. However, we would like to keep a copy of a quote (all records) once presented;  so that we can refer back to it.  We would like to have many quote and many versions of a quote versions.

I cannot figure how to 'back-up' a quote so we can make changes without loosing the previous version. (Thought to copy the table but that will copy all quotes - not a solution)

Any idea please.

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I had this type of workflow before.

My workflow is: When updating the Record, it will not really "Update" the record, but it will need an approval first before the actual record is updated. I don't know if that makes sense :D
But think of it as, getting an approval first before updating the Data. 


I guess that would work on this type of workflow. 

It's a very crazy trigger, what is does - is it deletes the #inserted record (with conditions of course) then moves the #inserted to another table. This way, unless the conditions on the delete block is met, it will not consider the record updated.

One work around that I could think of, without the trigger is to maybe, just create a submission form below the Reports, so there you can submit the Suggested change.
Or maybe just create something like an audit trail like this one:


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