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  1. I'm not exactly sure at the moment what you would need to do for a Text Field... but if you use a Dropdown Element for this, it is easy. In your DataPage Wizard, go to the Configure Search Fields page. Select the field you want to search by (in your case, Department). Change the field to Dropdown, and change Source to either Both or Lookup Table or View. I like to use both because I put an empty option in the Custom Values section to allow the user to search 'all'. On the Lookup Table tab, select the department table. Change Field For Display to Department Name and change Field For Value to Department ID. This will show the Departments to the users as the Department Name, but Caspio will take in the value of the ID.
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    That means there is something not configured or set up that should be. A lot of times, this could be the Details section of the datapage. Towards the end of your datapage wizard, you will see a checkbox asking if you would like to include Details - if this is checked yes and the rest of the wizard isn't filled out, it won't let you finish. Another example is if you set up Authentication for the page but did not select an auth source. It'd be something like that. Double check all of your options/checkboxes in your datapage wizard.
  3. @TaxGuy I've got a page with 30+ calculations and it is also insanely slow. Every time I ask support, they tell me to make it into a multi-step form, which is unacceptable for my workflow. I too am looking for a solution for better speeds. I haven't tried doing calculations into html blocks simply because that is a ton of work with the amount of calcs I have lol. I will eventually try it out when I get time. If you find a solution, please let me know!
  4. I didn't necessarily find a solution to the problem how it was above, but I decided to just do an overhaul of my Client Tables and all relating datapages to make it work a different way. Instead of having fields in the Client_Table for Home_Phone, Cell_Phone, and Work_Phone per client, I changed the fields to Phone_1, Phone_2, and Phone_3. I then added 3 new fields to my Client_Table called Phone_1_Type, etc. The purpose now is to have the first phone number field, Phone_1, to always be populated if there is a phone number. Then with the newly added fields, I express what type of phone that is: cell, home, or work. Now the cascading field on the Work Order Form takes in the first phone field, Phone_1, which should be populated no matter what type it is. Hope this helps someone in the future.
  5. I have a Client Table that stores all of our clients information. This holds information such as Name, Phone Numbers, Address, Email Address, etc. Pretty self explanatory. I also have a table called Work Order Table. We use this table to store information for Work Orders - when our customer needs some service done, we fill out a Work Order Form with their information and details about what work needs to be done. The problem is the phone numbers. For each Client in the Client Table, there is Home Phone, Cell Phone, and Work Phone fields. Some clients may only have one or two of those phone number fields filled out, leaving the other(s) blank. To be able to tell which Work Order belongs to which Customer, we include Customer Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email in the Work Order Form. To make this easier for my employees, the Customer Name field on the Work Order Table is autofill - you start typing in a name, it searches that in the Client Table, and when there is a match it autofills the Customer Name. From here, I can use cascading elements for Address, Email, etc. to automatically fill those fields in the Work Order Form. However, this creates a problem because of the way the phone numbers in the Client Table are set up. I can only have the cascading value be ONE of those Phone Number fields, and that field may or may not be one of the empty ones. I have tried using a formula field for this - but that makes it so the phone number cannot be edited whatsoever if there is ever a need to. A lot to go over - but its the last part of this app before it is finished, and it is killing me. I think I may need to change my workflow, or maybe how the Client Table is set up... Hoping someone has some suggestions.
  6. Odd. My max total size is 3.13mb. Maybe it has to do with Rank (either the Advanced Member or Caspio Rockstar), but I remember having a problem about a week ago preventing me from uploading a file onto these forums. Either way, @caspio should change the way it works. Sorry I don't have any input into your problem. I can not think of another way to get the value from one table saved into another table, other than with Triggers.
  7. Try to spread out the actions. So, instead of having one rule with A in criteria and Section 3, 4 in Action, go with 2 rules. One where the action is Hide Section 3, one where the action is Hide Section 4. Then, for Criteria, list all dropdown values that should have that section hidden. Rule 1: Rule 2: Rule 3: Criteria: B, C Criteria: A, C Criteria: A, B Action: Hide Section 2 Action: Hide Section 3 Action: Hide Section 4 And so on.. if there is another dropdown value needing to hide the 3rd section, add the value to Rule 2's Criteria. When I get a chance Ill write up a dummy page to show you.
  8. What kind of datapage is this for? Is it a Submission Form? I think you might be able to do this without JavaScript. When in the DataPage Wizard, use the Rules section. In the Rules section, create new Criteria. This will contain the dropdown selections. Notice how on my Criteria, I have a 'Job Type' field that could hold multiple values. Next, the Action section. This is where you hide the sections you want hidden. In my current workflow below, you can see that if 'Job Type' equals any of the listed values in Criteria, then Section 2 of my form will be hidden. If Job Type is any value not listed in Criteria, Section 2 will be shown. It is a good idea to split up the form/report with Sections, as you can only use ONE field per Action. So, if you are hiding a field and try to make another rule with that same field, it won't work. If you need more help let me know!
  9. Hello. I am trying to create a somewhat dynamic ID number for my records. Here is how my workflow goes: We are a construction company. When we get a job, we make orders for materials for that job. There may be multiple orders for one job. Each Job on our Job_Table gets a Job Number (ex. 12345). I am trying to use this job number for the basis of my Order ID: I want the Job Number followed by the number of order this is for the job. So, lets say the Job # is 12345. We have to make 3 separate orders for this job. I would want the IDs to be 12345-1, 12345-2, 12345-3. Is this possible? If more information is needed please ask. Thank you.
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    PDF Report Page

    It depends on what plan you have with Caspio. The higher up plans, (I can't remember the exact names) include a PDF Generator option. With this option you can opt to download a pdf of the datapage. Here is a link to the pricing. Here is the link about the PDF Generator.
  11. Yeah, its really weird. Definitely happens at random. Unfortunately, even using !important doesn't change anything. If the values don't get loaded into the datapage, the listbox will shrink no matter what. Even if it was at the fixed width, the main problem of having the values missing would still be present. Caspio Support says they found the issue and that it was with Google Chrome, would be fixed in Caspio 20.0... This confirmed my belief that they have no idea what is going on either, as it happens on multiple browsers. I think I'm out of luck.
  12. Here is the link to DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x19yc9d9mppx3hw/CaspioData_2019-Aug-19_1242.zip?dl=0
  13. @Vitalikssssss, thank you for the reply! I have tried using both fixed and auto widths, though. Even with a fixed width, the listbox will shrink to the size in the screenshot without any values. I don't believe I can share files on these forums anymore.
  14. Did you look at the articles? Caspio does not have a standard feature button for mail or print. There is a PDF option that downloads the page as a pdf with the ability to print, at higher up plans... But for the workflow you want, you'll need some custom script. Which would be from those articles above.
  15. FWIW, I am having trouble with one of my datapages with disappearing stuff also. Its a bit different, but all of my values in Listbox Datatypes that I have on my submission form do not load with the page. This happens intermittently, not all of the time. However I cannot deploy this app until I am sure it won't happen. Its frustrating.
  16. Try using the information here: For Print button: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20101409/how-can-i-insert-a-print-button-that-prints-a-form-in-a-webpage For Email button: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19422331/how-to-create-an-email-button-with-javascript I am guessing you can either have one button for each function (one for email, one for print) or create your own function that implements stuff from both articles.
  17. I am working on a Clients database and a Work Order database. They go hand in hand; when a customer calls, we search for them in our clients database and click a button that pulls up a Work Order submission form. Right now I have a button in the Client Report that sends the record key from the Client record to the Work Order submission form. <button class="workorder" onclick="OpenPopupCenter('https://c3eku680.caspio.com/dp/e75050009fd4376ea---------?CG_Client_ID=[@field:CG_Client_ID]', '', 800, 900);">Start Work Order</button> At this point, the Customer Name, Address, Number, etc. is automatically populated from the record of which the popup button was clicked. Obviously, I have a submission form to enter new Clients into the Client Database. However, I have a Blank Work Order popup that just pulls up the Work Order submission form completely blank. Is there a way to have the information entered into the Blank Work Order submission form create a new record in the Client Database if that info isn't already there? In other words, if a Blank Work Order is submitted, I would like the values to loop through the Client Database and create a new client record if there isn't a match on first + last name, or something along those lines. I'm not sure of a better title for this - sorry. Picture of Work Order form below. The first 5 fields are what would create the new Client record.
  18. I have 4 list box elements in my submission form. 3 of them are populated at the table level, while one of them is populated at the datapage level. The one at the datapage level, 'Job Type', has not been troublesome whatsoever. No problems at all. However, the other 3 that are populated at the table level will randomly not show the values. It seems this happens sporadically, or 'every once in a while'. Its hard to replicate because it happens randomly. Caspio Support is having trouble replicating the issue, however I have sent multiple examples of it happening. I have tried different computers, including a mobile device. I've tried on different browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, even though I need to use Chrome due to iframe limitations. Its hard to tell if clearing cache helps this because the problem happens randomly, and telling the users to clear cache before each use of the app is not a solution. FWIW, this submission page is only accessed through a button that pulls up the page on a popup. Any thoughts are appreciated. I can't let this app go live until I am sure it will work every time.
  19. For anyone interested in a workflow like this, I have found a solution. Instead of using Radio Buttons for Job Type, and only getting 1 set of fields per radio button, I switched Job Type to a List String datatype. It is now a multi select listbox. Instead of saving values from hidden fields, I am just showing all needed fields.
  20. It will be on a Tabular Report.
  21. Hmmmm this sounds like it would work! Thank you!
  22. Do you want the button to pop up the print screen AND the email screen at the same time? Please note that the print function you will have will just be like a screen capture, since you do not have the PDF generator enabled.
  23. Any ideas on this? It doesn't necessarily need to use "hidden"... But I'm not sure of another way to just hide a field. StackOverflow isn't too helpful with this workflow.
  24. I've got a submission form that has a lot of fields. With a combination of Radio Buttons and Rules, I was able to shorten the submission form for what the user needs. The way the workflow is set up is perfect, however I have noticed that if you previously put values into a field and afterwards it was hidden, the values are not captured on submit. This is the only problem I can't seem to find a workaround for. The Radio Buttons for Job Type decide what fields you see on the screen. If it is for a new window, all of the fields you need for that are there. But, what if the customer wanted a new window AND a new screen? With this set up, I would have to create 2 separate records to accommodate the different Job Types. I want to eliminate that. Is there a better way to improve this workflow to capture any field that was given a value, hidden or not? A screenshot of the submission form follows.
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