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  1. I'm trying to think of a way to eliminate a dropdown and have it just a button. The page I am working on acts as a pool of records that need to be chosen by one of our employees. This field is called "Assigned To" The original idea was to have a dropdown - and if the user wanted to take that record to work on it, they would edit the record and change the Assigned To dropdown to their name. However, I am trying to make it simpler. If there was just a 'Take Me!' button that once clicked, it recorded the name of who clicked it (everyone has to log in to an account) for the Assigned To field. Is this possible? My brain is running slow today, and I just can't think of a way to implement it.
  2. Any idea how to hide the Submit button on mobile devices?
  3. Sorry Dasigrist. Never got able to check it out. I briefly surfed through Stackoverflow and saw a couple solutions through JavaScript/JQuery/Angular. You might want to try one of those.
  4. I'm working on switching my functions to if/thens as well. Trying to hide elements if the one previous is blank. If I figure it out, I'll update this post.
  5. I got it figured out with JavaScript. I appreciate your guys' help, it was a hard question to understand. var mat1= document.getElementsByName('InsertRecordMat_1')[0]; var mat2= document.getElementsByName('InsertRecordMat_2')[0]; var lab1= document.getElementById('InsertRecordLabor1'); var lab2= document.getElementById('InsertRecordLabor2'); var phase1= document.getElementById('InsertRecordLabor1_Phase'); var phase2= document.getElementById('InsertRecordLabor2_Phase'); mat1.onchange = function (){ lab1.options[lab1.selectedIndex].value = mat1.value; lab1.options[lab1.selectedIndex].text= mat1.value; lab2.options[lab2.selectedIndex].value = mat1.value; lab2.options[lab2.selectedIndex].text = mat1.value; phase1.options[phase1.selectedIndex].value = 'Fab'; phase1.options[phase1.selectedIndex].text = 'Fab'; phase2.options[phase2.selectedIndex].value = 'Install'; phase2.options[phase2.selectedIndex].text = 'Install'; };
  6. Hey @DefinitelyNot31337, just coming back to this. I've got the calc field going. I am however having trouble with the HTML block and the CSS Rule: Is the [@field:date*] in the html block suppose to be the same as the [@field:date] in the calculate field? Also, if so, are you hiding the calculated field, or is the HTML block and the Calc Field suppose to show up, both saying expired?
  7. To add to it - I would use Cascading Dropdowns or Text Field for this, however this limits me to just the single value that matches. I need to be able to have the ability to change it still, even if there is a match.
  8. I have 10 text field dropdowns (Material1 - Material10) that correspond with 20 other text field dropdowns (Labor1 - Labor20). For each Material, there will need to be 2 corresponding Labor fields. In example, if I choose Aluminum for Material 1, I need to have Labor 1 and Labor 2 be set to Aluminum as well. If Material 2 was glass, I would need Labor 3 and Labor 4 to be set to Glass. If this can be done without JS, I'm open for it. I can't seem to find a way to set a Value through Rules. I'm not quite skilled enough to get an if/then function going myself. If anyone could get me going in the right direction, I would appreciate it!
  9. I'd really like to just have it side by side. An extra DIV or container on a page. I need the Labor section to be on the same page as the rest because this is an estimating app, and there are 40+ currency calculations working together, which include all Labor input. We need to be able to look at Materials and Labor at the same time - because they directly correlate with each other. I appreciate the input, though.
  10. I appreciate the help from you two, but my issue is a little different. In all, I want the Submission Page to load up only showing 3 lines for Labor. However, if the 3rd line gets a value, I want the next Labor line to pop up. This way, we only have enough labor lines for what we need. My problem is that the submission form is too long, so I only want to provide enough lines as needed. Sometimes we need to use all 20 of the Labor Lines, and sometimes we only need to use a couple of them. Each submission is only 1 record. So, all of the labor lines are included in that single record. That is why I cannot use a trigger to accomplish this. All of the information for this Estimate will need to be entered together. Each Labor line that is used will have a currency value, which in turn is used in multiple formulas to add together an entire estimate. Thank you for the help!
  11. I've got a pretty long web form that I am using. I am using 5 or so collapsible sections to try and help the length of the form, however it isn't enough. I'm trying to create another container that I can put to the right of the original form container. If I could get just the Labor section to be by itself on the side of the rest of the form, it would be perfect. Screenshot below to show what I am trying to accomplish. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Lol, thanks DN31337. My eyes suck. Buuuuut your comment made me notice I'm trying to use two different protocols for one URL. Optometrist, here I come.
  13. Still cannot find a reason for the Dual Screen Center script reloading the parent page upon click of the popup button. Anyone have any idea?
  14. Just in case anyone is looking for this solution... If using a virtual field, use the following input[name="cbParamVirtual51"] { display: none !important; } Obviously, change the '51' to the number corresponding to the Virtual Field you want to hide.
  15. I'm trying to make a custom popup button for my datapage. I used the same button in another app, but with a different destination, that works. The destination for the popup is a Details DataPage. It is created like a letter, with parameters from the button filling in many blanks. Before, I was using <button>, but upon clicking, it would just take the current page back to the beginning search box. I then changed it to an anchor tag. The a tag created a popup - however, the datapage didn't show up. I get a connection error saying I can't even connect to Caspio.com. The DataPage is enabled and I checked the URL like 10 times in my button destination. <a class='proposalbutton' href='#' onclick='window.open("http://https://c3eku680.caspio.com/dp/e7505000-----------?Quote_Number=[@field:Quote_Number]","mywindow", "menubar=1,resizable=1,width=500,height=500")'>Proposal</a>
  16. I'll give it a try when I get back to the office.
  17. Not sure if you still need help with this, but these three rules from your previous post all contain the color orange. .cbResultSetSearchAgainLink { /*Results Page Search Again Link Attributes*/ color: #FF6600; font-family: Verdana ; font-size: 13px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: none; } .cbResultSetDownloadLink { /*Results Page Download Message Link Attributes*/ color: #FF6600; font-family: Verdana ; font-size: 13px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: none; } .cbResultSetBackToPivotActionLink { /*Results Page Search Again Link Attributes*/ color: #FF6600; font-family: Verdana ; font-size: 13px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: none; }
  18. @dasigrist Could you provide me with the original code you used to make the query string?
  19. What kind of field is it and what kind of datapage?
  20. I'm trying to find a way to hide calculated values in my Details section if the amount is equal to $0.00. I have tried with rules and my own JS but can't get it to work. Here is an example showing 5 rows with $0.00 that I am trying to hide. Thanks!
  21. Sorry I'm not much help. I suspect the change of not storing Styles in the account is messing up people's custom css - be it from a style tag or a jquery function not being able to find the right element or something. I just found an app of mine that is behaving differently as well.
  22. Have you talked to support about it? The big part of Caspio 18 was reworking Styles. They say anything you previously had should still work, but I'm sure they are having a couple bugs with it. Even though they don't work with javascript and jquery, they messed your app up. Not you. They should fix it.
  23. Cancel that. I changed the classes to IDs with a number and changed QuerySelectorAll to ElementById and it all works. Thanks again Alison.
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