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Make trigger react during import records



Is there someway I can design a trigger so when I Import a records to my table, it will only import those records which have an actual value. When I try to update some records on my table via import, it overwrites everything even though some of the records imported are blank. I made a trigger that shall only update records which are not null via condition statement but it seems not working. 

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Hello again @Shiro


That will surely wont work...

The last time I check, trigger doesn't activates when you use import for updating or inserting data. 

I can suggest this workaround though.

instead of directly updating your table from import, import your records to a dummy copy of your main table first then use Task to update the main table from records imported to dummy table. by then you can now use a condition statement to not include those records with blank values


Hope it helps


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Just to back up @NiceDuck's statement, here it is on the Caspio HowTo article referring to triggered actions:

'Triggered Actions currently will not run from import of data through either manual import or DataHub tasks.'

Duck's workaround is your best bet. You need to first do something to the imported data to be able to manipulate it. Putting it into a dummy table and THEN filtering it is the way to go.

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