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Run task on more than the limit of records



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1) Create an autonumber ID field on your table datasource.

2) On your task, create a where filter which will only process the records where id field is less than 6000 (assuming that your table has 120,000 records)

3) Duplicate this task, however, this time, set the where to filter to only include records where id field is greater than 6000.

4) Set them to run for atleast 30 mins apart. (Just a suggestion)

Hope it helps.


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I just discovered a new way of solving this!

What I did is I created an extra yes/no field on the table that I'm processing. 



All I have to do after that is to run the task again and again until all records are updated. The value on the TOP can be adjusted to estimate the maximum amount of record involved per run.


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