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resize image client side



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Hello @Sherif,

You may check the Resizer Options of the image on the Submission form. 

On the Resizer Options tab, you can setup Caspio to automatically create smaller or thumbnail versions of your images as they are uploaded. Since most digital cameras take pictures far higher in resolution than can be properly used on a standard web page, this auto resizing option provides an efficient way to improve DataPage performance, reduce data transfer, and if the original is not kept also reduce your storage needs.

Also, on the Image Options tab, it is possible to limit the maximum file size that can be uploaded through this form.


These links to the articles may be helpful: 

Uploading Files and ImagesImage Resizer

Hope this helps!

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On 12/15/2020 at 11:32 AM, Sherif said:


i need to resize all images in user form before submissions ,

client side not server side after submissions 

probably javascript code that resize all images in the form 

any idea about that or any other alternative



What do you mean by client side, not server side? Does this necessarily mean that you let your users decide which particular size to adjust after the image has been uploaded? If not, the previous comment may work. But if yes, we may need to tweak it a little bit by using a simple JS code. Let me know. 

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