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On 1/8/2021 at 8:28 AM, Drtimjohn said:


My Results datapages inline Insert is not working, what could be thereason of this??

One of the factors that this may not be inserting is you are using a View, best example is an outer View. This gives the impression of you that the insert is not inserting and there are no errors. You will need to recheck all your Table relationships and the creation of View if this is the case. If not, yes, may you elaborate more?

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May I ask for what you mean by not working? Is it not inserting record you are submitting via inline insert? or the inline insert itself is not there?

If its the latter, are you using a view? If yes, you may want to check if the fields you want to insert with are from the editable table.

If its not, then there is a lot of thing to check. Again, if you are using a view, you may want to make sure that the values you are inserting are complying with the joins and filters you used on your view. Otherwise, the view will just filter out your inserted records.

You may want to check the triggers as well. If you have some, double check if none of your blocks there are deleting the inserted values. Lastly, you may want to double check the table data source as well and see if the records are indeed being inserted there.


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