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Multiple Checkboxes in Submission Form, at least one must be checked



Greetings :)
My workflow requires a user to select at least one of the time-slots below.

Currently, the page allows the user just to click Submit and completely bypasses checking a checkbox.

Thank you in advance for any creative logic/guidance offered.
(All below are Text fields, configured as checkboxes.)


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13 hours ago, Meekeee said:

Hi @Leon13 - do you have specific criteria for these checkboxes? Or are they all required? Or just check either Morning, Afternoon, or Evening? Have you tried to use Conditional forms perhaps that will make it required? 

Hi @Meekeee, thank you for your response!
Only criteria is that the user should at least check one. They should never be able to submit the form without at least one time selected.

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My idea on this one is I'm going to create a hidden calculated value with a query that checks all of those checkbox 1 by one. 


when [@field:check1] = 1 then 1
when [@field:check2] = 1 then 1




With this, if none of them is checked, the calculated value will return blank which will then prevent submissions.

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