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What is the best browser to use for Caspio?



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Have you tried clearing cache/cookies? Try that and see if it still persists. The old version of a datapage should not even be saved unless you have the right Caspio Plan. 

I have been using Google Chrome with Caspio for about a year, but have also tested my work on Firefox, IE, and Edge. They are all compatible on my end. 

Make sure you have the updated datapage deployed and try viewing it through the deploy URL instead of the Preview button.

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Hi @SunakoChan,

Just to add to this thread, as far as I know, Caspio is compatible in all web browser. Your DataPage(s) can be embed ed seamlessly in any browser, I've deployed my DataPages in my web pages. And I can access it in any web browser with out any issue (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc ..)

However, if you will somewhat encounter some issue and you confirm that it is working on a different device / browser. The first trouble shooting steps is to clear the cache and cookies of your web browser. If that will still not work, you can also try to reinstall your web browser with the latest version.

I hope this helps

- TsiBiRu

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Hi  @SunakoChan

Modern browsers has a cache-ing system, Cache is a repository for stored data that is used to expedite the process of retrieving data. It stores information into the client's machine to improve the browsers performance.

Just a brief explanation as to why this kind of issue occur.

Cookies and cache (or browser cache) are two forms of temporary storage kept on client’s machine to improve the performance of web pages.

Cookie is a very small piece of information that is stored on the client’s machine by the web site and is sent back to the server each time a page is requested.

Cache is a temporary storage of web page resources stored on client’s machine for quicker loading of the web pages.

Difference Between Cache and Cookies is that Memory cache helps speed the processes of the computer because it stores frequently used instructions and data. While cookie is a small text file that a Web server stores on your computer. Cookie files typically contain data about you, such as your user name or viewing preferences.

Although cookies and cache are two ways to store data on client’s machine, they serve different purposes. Purpose of cookie is to store information to track different characteristics related to user, while the purpose of cache is to make the loading of web pages faster.

In simple,cookies are in secondary memory and cache is one 
of primary memory.



~ H

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