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  1. Try calling a function onload: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> window.onload=function goBack() { window.history.go(-1); } </script> Hope that helps
  2. Hi Nikki, I edited your script a little bit, try inserting script in the footer: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> window.onload=function myfunc(){ Stamp = new Date(); var v_TimeStamp; Hours = Stamp.getHours() Mins = Stamp.getMinutes(); /* Construct the value of the v_TimeStamp variable in the format m/d/yyyy hh:mm */ v_TimeStamp=('' + (Stamp.getMonth() + 1) +"/"+Stamp.getDate()+ "/"+Stamp.getFullYear() + ' ' + Hours + ":" + Mins); if ('[@field:Actual_result]'.length>1 && '[@field:Test_Completed]' === "") { document.getElementById("EditRecordTest_Completed").value=v_TimeStamp; } } </SCRIPT> Both fields should be editable text fields on a datapage, if you need to hide a field, you may use display:none attribute, like explained here
  3. Hi Julien, Yes, it's possible. You may trigger changing a field and when field is changed, insert email address into virtual field. Then using virtual field in Email field for your acknowledgement email. Since I don't know type of your datapage, I created code for details datapage. Insert script in the footer of your datapage: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function insert() { var x= document.getElementById("EditRecordEmail").value; document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value = x; } document.getElementById("EditRecordField1").onchange=insert; </SCRIPT> Insert your fieldname which you would like to trigger instead of Field1 Also I assume that you have email field on your datapage, so you need to insert your field name instead on Email in my code. This way an email will be sent only if you changed value in specified field Hope that helps
  4. Hi Aurora, I added the following code to responsive code in the header of my details datapage: #datapage-form img { width: 100%; display:block; height: auto; } Hope that helps!
  5. Just write two additional lines which will call function for each field: document.getElementById('InsertRecordFIELD1').onkeypress =isNumberKey; document.getElementById('InsertRecordFIELD2').onkeypress =isNumberKey; document.getElementById('InsertRecordFIELD3').onkeypress =isNumberKey;
  6. You need to create a separate table for orders and pass parameters in query string to this table from report datapage. Create a submission form and receive needed parameters onload: customerID and car_ID, insert autosubmit script, save the datapage and get the direct deploy URL of the datapage. Autosubmit script will let you submit data automatically. Then place a link to the submission form in html block on report datapage. E.g: <a href="URL_of_the_datapage&Customer_ID=[authfield:Customer_ID]&Car_ID=[@field:Car_ID]">Link name</a>
  7. You may insert the following java script in the html block: <script> var x=[@cbRecordIndex]; var y=[@field:Your_field]; document.write(x*y); </script> Don't forget to change name of the field in the y variable Cheers!
  8. Hi, grid edit is a specific mode. You may contact them, perhaps they will be able to implement that
  9. Hi, You may take the field using parameter picker and add a back slash / to the parameter: <img alt="" src="[@authfield:Photo/]" style="width: 200px; height: 200px; margin: 1px;" />
  10. You need to insert your field names after EditRecord, for example if your field name is Status, the syntax will be: ("EditRecordStatus"). More information can be found here. Please note, Java Script is case sensitive. Hope that helps.
  11. I posted script to the similar inquiry, you may find it here. Also you need to pass field parameters in query sting
  12. Hi, I would recommend checking length of the value. You may insert the following script in the footer of details datapage: <script> window.onload= function() { if (document.getElementById("EditRecordYour_field").value.length>1) { document.getElementById("EditRecordcheck_box_field_name").checked=true; } } </script> Don't forger to change fields names in my script Cheers!
  13. I also have another solution. I use the following code in the header of results page: <style>#my table {display:none;} </style> <div id="my"> And in the footer: </div> HTML editor should be disabled in the header and footer.