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  1. Hi, sure it's possible to resize the iframe. This article should be helpful
  2. Hello, This is not related to Wordpress deployment. If you need to pass parameters , don't use iframe deployment method, since iframe is considered as a separate element on a webpage. So Iframe is not an option if you need to pass parameters or redirect customer to another webpage after form submission, etc.
  3. Hi Ivy, I have good news for you I was able to make it to work with jquery. Wrap your fields in div with ID cbform-improvement. Also you need to disable ajax on your report and paste the following script in the footer: <script> $("#cbform-improvement #Mod0InlineEdit").click(function(e){ var chkbx_before = "[@field:Field_name^]"; var chkbx_now = $("[name=InlineEditField_name]").is(':checked'); if(chkbx_before!="Yes"){ if(chkbx_now){ var timestamp = '[@cbTimestamp]'; $("[name=InlineEditField_for_date]").val(timestamp); } else { var timestamp = ''; $("[name=InlineEditField_for_date]").val(timestamp); } } }); </script> Don't forget to paste your field names.
  4. Hi Mylene, I have a solution for you. Use the following script in the footer of the form: <script> document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").onchange= function() { if (document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").checked==true) { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPublished").checked=true; } else if (document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").checked==false) { document.getElementById("InsertRecordSubscribed").checked=false; } } </script> In my script the virtual field has index "1", because my virtual field id the first one on the datapage. You may find more info about referencing virtual fields here Also replace "Subscribed" with your fieldname.
  5. I have an idea how you may implement that. - Add a virtual field to the search form, receive default value 1. - Hide field using html blocks, you may find solution here - insert the following script into the footer: <script> window.onload = function hide(){ } var x = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value; if (x=="1") { if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('caspioform').submit(); } } </script> Virtual field receives default value only on the first load, that is why search form will be hidden and auto-submitted only on the first load of the form, so if you hit "search again" link, you will be able to use search form as usual. Hope that helps Cheers!
  6. Hello, Why don't you use formula field on the table level? Example of the formula: Dateadd(mm, [@field:Calibration_Frequency ],[@field:Last_Calibration]) If Java script is a better option for you, you may check this post
  7. Hi Ivy, As far as I know, we can't use java script in Inline edit mode. That's why I would recommend editing record on details page. That script should work on details page
  8. You need to hit the source tab before inserting code to the footer. This article should help. Also don't forget to change the filed name in the code and you need to hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard while clicking on the required values simultaneously. Hope that helps
  9. Since Equipment_VIN is an autocomplete field, try using another syntax for getting value: var position1 = document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordEquipment_VIN")[0].value; Hope it helps
  10. Yes, there is an option how you may implement that. You could add a button and onclick call a submission form which will receive parameters from selected record, user ID and autosubmit itself. Then you may create a report datapage with record level security and filter only records, associated with user ID. You may deploy that report on the same page where you deployed user's profile. Please feel free to ask if something is not clear enough.
  11. Sure, it's possible. You may allow users to save data from results page. You can find more info here Then add a field with 'file' data type to user's table and make that field to be editable on profile page, so users will be able to upload file there.
  12. I don't see an option to restrict editing on results page. For example inline edit links have the same class for each Id. As a workaround, we can compare info in auth field to field value and if those values are equal, we can provide a link to a separate details page, where you will be able to edit the record. Add an html block to your report, disable editor and paste the following script: <script> if ([@authfield:Field_name] ==[@field:Field_name]) { document.write('<a href="URL_Of_details_page?ID=[@field:ID]">Edit record</a>'); } </script> Paste your fields instead of [@authfield:Field_name] and [@field:Field_name] Also you need to paste your URL with parameter instead of: URL_Of_details_page?ID=[@field:ID]
  13. Hi Mark, I found out the following solution. I suppose that you have a submission form. Create a separate lookup table and for each value in radio button assign needed value. E.g. field1 field2 value1 A value2 B Then make hidden field to be cascading text field, use radio button field as a parent field, use recently created table as a datasource, also filter values on field1. I'm attaching a screenshot. If you need to hide cascading field, you may do that using html blocks.