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  1. How to create repeatable section in the submission form?

    How do you wish to store this information? I suppose it should be different records. If yes, you may specify "same form" in the destination page. This will let you open a clean form again after previous information is entered. If you wish to keep all the information in one records, you may have a look at this solution
  2. Hi, Wix deploys datapages in iframe and it's impossible to pass parameters from/to datapages or use scripts with redirection I would suggest selecting another CMS like weebly,, godaggy, etc.
  3. Hi SongLian, I changed code for the footer, it should work now: <script> $('[name=cbParamVirtual2').change(function() { $('[name=cbParamVirtual3').val($('[name=cbParamVirtual2').val()) }); </script> <script> function replace(){ var res= document.getElementsByName('cbParamVirtual3')[0].value; var newchar = '; ' res = res.split(',').join(newchar); document.getElementsByName('cbParamVirtual3')[0].value=res; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=replace; </script>
  4. Try using document.write, e.g.: document.write('<button onclick=document.location.href="">take me away</button>');
  5. Form inside of a form (choose existing customer vs create new)

    You may have a look at this post. Another possible option is to enable inline insert option on tabular report which will let you insert a record from report Hope that helps
  6. return unique records in a search

    Hi, you may enable grouping in collapsible groups. You can find more info here
  7. Are there any errors in browser's console? You may send me an URL and I will check
  8. One form into many records

    You could insert all those fields in table design in order to have all fields in one record.
  9. Hi, InsertRecord is missing before field names in the following lines: document.getElementById("Regular_Hours").onchange=calculate; document.getElementById("OT_Hours").onchange=calculate; You may use onblur event in order to run function onchange, also I would recommend adding one more conditions in order to check that all the values which are being used in calculation are fulfilled with data <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculate() { var v_hours = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordRegular_Hours").value); var v_hoursot = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordOT_Hours").value); var v_rates = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordRates").value); var v_ratesot = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordRate_OT").value); if (isNaN(v_hours) || v_hours.length<1) { v_hours = 0; }else if (isNaN(v_hoursot) || v_hoursot.length<1) { v_hoursot = 0; }else if (isNaN(v_rates) || v_rates.length<1) { v_rates = 0; }else if (isNaN(v_ratesot ) || v_ratesot.length<1) { v_ratesot = 0; } var v_amount = ((v_hours * v_rates)+(v_hoursot * v_ratesot)); if ( isNaN(v_amount)){ v_amount = ""; } document.getElementById("InsertRecordAmount").value = v_amount; } document.getElementById("InsertRecordRegular_Hours").onblur=calculate; document.getElementById("InsertRecordOT_Hours").onblur=calculate; </SCRIPT> Cheers!
  10. Any Programmers for Hire

    You may ask them, as fa as I know, they implement small projects as well
  11. Conditional formatting

    What type of the datapage you use? You may have a look at this post in case of using results page
  12. Hi Anthony, welcome to forum Have you considered changing the background color of form element? You may want to check this post, I provided code for a drop-down on a submission form. What form element do you use?
  13. Conditional Formatting on Submission Form

    I edited your code a little bit. Try using code below: <script> function myfunc(){ var select = document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").value; if (select == "Fail") { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").style.background = "red"; } else { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").style.background = "black"; } } document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").onblur=myfunc; </script> Hope that helps Cheers!
  14. Bulk Edit using parameter

    As far as I understand, you pass Group ID to the datapage, you may receive this parameter in a field for bulk edit mode. This way, when bulk edit is enabled, you will see passed value in the field. Does it work for you?
  15. Login screen html

    Try specifying the compete path like Also make sure that you deployed the datapage using embed deployment, because iframe deployment will not let you leave the iframe, as it's considered as a separate element on a webpage