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  1. It seems that you didn't hit the "Source" tab before inserting code. You can find more info here
  2. What datatype those fields have? I have a few ideas, which I hope will be helpful. - Your variables A, A and MD are not defined (the syntax var= is missing). - "Insert record" syntax will not work since there is no form on the "show message" page, you can refer to fields using parameter picker, like var a = '[@Mailing_Addr_Type]'; - try using style.visibility.hidden instead of display none. I have a simple example of the similar workflow. <p id="first">[@field:First_name]</p> <p id="second">[@field:Last_name]</p> <script> var x = '[@field:Last_name]'; var y= '[@field:First_name]'; if(x==y){ document.getElementById("first").style.visibility="hidden"; }else{ document.getElementById("second").style.visibility="hidden"; } </script> Hope that helps
  3. Hi, you an may rules for your workflow. 1. Criteria will be like that: when auth parameter is not equal to field#2 Action: hide a section with text (you need to place html block with text in a separate secion) 2. For example you have 4 radio buttons. Since we can use field in action section only once you need to define all the cases when a specific field should be disabled. - rule 1: criteria - when field1 is blank OR field3 is blank OR field4 is blank. Action: make field2 disabled - rule 2: criteria - when field1 is blank OR field2 is blank OR field4 is blank. Action: make field3 disabled - rule 3: criteria - when field1 is blank, OR field2 is blank OR field3 is blank. Action: make field4 disabled
  4. You may create a relationship between tables and enable referential integrity. In this case, user will not be able to submit a value into the related table which doesn't exists in the parent table. You can find more info here
  5. Have you tried creating a view? You can join two tables and allow editing data from the 2nd table. Hope that helps
  6. I have a few ideas: - your credentials are already cached in your browser - try opening in another browser - you specified incorrect designated entry page. You can find this setting in the time out and redirection section under Advanced setting in your authentication. You can read more here
  7. Formula field cannot be edited because value is calculated using other fields. However you may use the following workaround. Add a separate field where customer will be able to enter preferable date and update your formula with additional condition, like CASE WHEN Len([@field:customer_date])>0 THEN [@field:customer_date] ELSE write your formula END Insert your current formula instead of "write your formula" Cheers
  8. I would recommend using lookup table as a datasource for form element, in this case, user will be able to select only existing value from the list of available options.
  9. If you don't pass parameters to/from the datapage, try deploying in iframe. Perhaps script or css from CMS affects the datapage
  10. Hi Chris, Do you pass parameters to/from the datapage? If no, I would deploy the datapage in iframe
  11. Hi, I found this post with the similar question. Hope that helps
  12. Hi, I would use CASE statement in formula field. Add 3 formula fields: 1st followup, 2nd followup, 3rd followup E.g. for the 1st followup date: CASE WHEN [@field:priority]='HIGH' THEN DATEADD (dd , 1 , [@field:date_submitted]) WHEN [@field:priority]='LOW' THEN DATEADD (dd , 30 , [@field:date_submitted]) END You just need to change number in the Dateadd formula for two other followup fields. You can read more here and here Cheers!
  13. You're welcome